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The SFCFDW is Santa Fe's most active Democratic grassroots network built by the women of our community (and yes, some good men too).  


We volunteer in voter registration drives, canvass neighborhoods, engage in phone banks, host political house parties, participate in non-violent protests and marches.


We help other non-profits such as the local homeless shelters, and migrant organizations with monetary donations, clothing, personal items, etc.


We lobby our local, state and national politicians on legislation in support of our values.


We build relationships through a variety of ways with sister agencies and support our neighbors and friends.


We believe in protecting our democracy, the planet, water, air, and our children.

We will finish the fight to ratify the equal rights amendment.   

We believe in science and recognize we are in the midst of a climate change crisis.

We believe in decent wages and benefits for all working citizens.

We believe that our healthcare and medicines should be affordable and accessible to every citizen.

We demand the end of gun violence through common-sense gun laws and responsible gun ownership.

We support women’s reproductive rights and believe that no one should be forced to have an unwanted child.

We believe the government has a responsibility to represent the poor and the working class, not just corporate or special interests.

We believe in the potential of every child and demand the best education from pre-k to college or vocational-tech training.

We demand congress end the problems of immigration by passing sensible laws allowing a pathway to citizenship.

We demand that our government stop caging children and separating families.

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